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  • Christmas at Carlowrie

    12th December 2023

    Decorating Carlowrie for Christmas is a magical experience; however, it comes with responsibilities. Blending the grandeur of the Castle with the warmth and charm of festive traditions is not as easy as it looks!

    We must start with a huge thank you to the team at Jordana Events (Jordana is our Chief Christmas Elf). With a brief to create a look that is classic, luxurious and will fit with every couples colour scheme, there are quite a few elements to balance. The Castle door arch has to be big and bold to ensure it does not get lost on the front of the Castle as well as creating an impact and that all important Instagram moment. The arch décor is hand crafted from real plants and has to last the full festive season plus be firmly fixed in place and ready to weather any storm.

    Carlowrie was designed by David Rhind, a celebrated Scottish Architect, and built in the Scottish Baronial style between 1852 and 1855, characterised by elaborate rooflines and embellished with spires and tourelles. The aim for our festive décor is to sensitively complement the architecture of the castle whilst bringing a sensory experience to our guests full of warmth on a cold winter’s night.

    Sight – crisp clear dark nights, firepits and flambeaux

    Hearing – from classic carols to festive favourites, Christmas music fills the air and sets a festive mood

    Smell – the aroma of fresh pine from the Christmas tree mixed with festive fragrances such as cinnamon

    Taste – good red wine and hearty food

    Touch – sharing stories by the fire, snuggling under a blanket watching the firework display

    Engaging the senses collectively creates a Carlowrie Christmas never to be forgotten. Whether it’s the visual appeal of decorations, the sound of carols, the scent of festive treats, the taste of Christmas foods, or the tactile sensations of warmth and textures, each sense contributes to the overall magic and joy of the festive season.

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