Porcelain Iceberg Lanterns


These Iceberg lanterns capture something of the almost imperceptible but relentless movement of ice across a landscape, while the tealights that can fit inside them provide a warm and lively glow from the heart.

Isobel Wylie Hutchison was a force of nature, like the ice itself, although Isobel balanced this with her indomitable spirit of adventure, a heartwarming sense of fun and an insatiable curiosity.

Each piece is handcrafted in porcelain by celebrated Edinburgh ceramist Carol Sinclair and is utterly unique.

These sculptural porcelain lanterns reflect the endless variations of eroded and melted textures in snow and ice, with touches of icy blue glaze to reflect the sea that connects and feeds them.

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Materials: Porcelain, blue glaze

Care: Hand wash in warm water, avoiding extreme changes in temperature.

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