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  • Every Day is a School Day

    8th January 2024

    Because we are a little quieter in events certainly doesn’t mean things grind to a halt at Carlowrie. This is the time of year when we invest in the Castle through refurbishments and refreshments, our clients – who are all booked in for tastings and discussions and our greatest resource – our fabulous team.

    Over the past weeks we have been catching up with each member in all departments and putting together progression plans. Our team training has been both in small groups and all together. On fine tuning skills. It’s not all been hard work, with the cocktail and wine training proving especially popular.

    Last week the Isobel Award 2023 winners, Art in Healthcare, came out to run sessions which had us painting and creating in mixed groups. The initial misgivings of a few of the team were quickly dispelled and we all had an absolute blast – not to mention discovering hidden talents!

  • Christmas at Carlowrie

    12th December 2023

    Decorating Carlowrie for Christmas is a magical experience; however, it comes with responsibilities. Blending the grandeur of the Castle with the warmth and charm of festive traditions is not as easy as it looks!

    We must start with a huge thank you to the team at Jordana Events (Jordana is our Chief Christmas Elf). With a brief to create a look that is classic, luxurious and will fit with every couples colour scheme, there are quite a few elements to balance. The Castle door arch has to be big and bold to ensure it does not get lost on the front of the Castle as well as creating an impact and that all important Instagram moment. The arch décor is hand crafted from real plants and has to last the full festive season plus be firmly fixed in place and ready to weather any storm.

    Carlowrie was designed by David Rhind, a celebrated Scottish Architect, and built in the Scottish Baronial style between 1852 and 1855, characterised by elaborate rooflines and embellished with spires and tourelles. The aim for our festive décor is to sensitively complement the architecture of the castle whilst bringing a sensory experience to our guests full of warmth on a cold winter’s night.

    Sight – crisp clear dark nights, firepits and flambeaux

    Hearing – from classic carols to festive favourites, Christmas music fills the air and sets a festive mood

    Smell – the aroma of fresh pine from the Christmas tree mixed with festive fragrances such as cinnamon

    Taste – good red wine and hearty food

    Touch – sharing stories by the fire, snuggling under a blanket watching the firework display

    Engaging the senses collectively creates a Carlowrie Christmas never to be forgotten. Whether it’s the visual appeal of decorations, the sound of carols, the scent of festive treats, the taste of Christmas foods, or the tactile sensations of warmth and textures, each sense contributes to the overall magic and joy of the festive season.

  • Moooooove Over

    9th November 2023

    There is nothing more lovely and Scottish than the trusty old Highland Cow. Easily recognisable by their long, shaggy, reddish-brown to black coats and distinctive long, curved horns. Their shaggy hair provides insulation against the cold and wet Scottish weather, allowing them to thrive in harsh conditions.

    When Keith started at Carlowrie as Operations Manager, little did he know that when Andrew said there was a special delivery that he would become the proud Dad of 9 Highland Cows!

    Known for their gentle and docile temperament (most of the time), they are often described as friendly and easy to handle. And our herd are just that. Lucky has a special bond with Keith – she was bottle fed for 3 months, and while she lacks stature because of her slow start, she is definitely the most vocal of the hairy herd.

    Why cows you may ask?

    The ethos of Carlowrie is to create a feeling of happiness in everything we do. Cows make us happy and our guests love them – they have even managed to sneak into the odd selfie.

    Working alongside nature provides a sense of well-being to our Carlowrie team and we hope that our guests feel that too.

  • Autumn at Carlowrie Castle

    2nd November 2023

    Autumn is a breath-taking and enchanting season when nature puts on a spectacular display of vibrant hues, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

    Carlowrie Castle is no exception and is dressed from turret to toe in a cloak of red. It’s one of the most popular times of the year for an event at the Castle. The days are shorter which means the Castle and grounds are lit up early evening, creating the perfect backdrop for photographs. The nights become longer and clearer, perfect for hot drinks around the firepit whilst guest watch the stars or maybe even a private fireworks display. And, as the weather gets colder there is no better place to celebrate with loved ones than the cosy atmosphere of the Castle.

    We are lucky to be photogenic all year round, however in Autumn we receive many requests from “Leaf Peepers” a popular activity with people travelling to witness the Castle being transformed into a sea of red, providing outstanding photo opportunities.

  • Picnic & Praise at Carlowrie Castle

    9th August 2023

    The sun was shining, the Castle grounds were bursting with new life and it was the perfect day to spend with loved ones.

    Our third annual picnic & praise, which we host at Carlowrie Castle in partnership with our local parish church, was an idea born after lockdown with the sole purpose of bringing people together and building our community.

    It’s a fantastic afternoon where the local community of Kirkliston come together and enjoy good food, live music, children’s activities and worship. This year there were over 300 of us enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories and plans for the future.

    This event is an important date in the diary for the Carlowrie Group as giving back is at the heart of each business and charity that the group has created.

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