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  • Moooooove Over

    09th November 2023

    There is nothing more lovely and Scottish than the trusty old Highland Cow. Easily recognisable by their long, shaggy, reddish-brown to black coats and distinctive long, curved horns. Their shaggy hair provides insulation against the cold and wet Scottish weather, allowing them to thrive in harsh conditions.

    When Keith started at Carlowrie as Operations Manager, little did he know that when Andrew said there was a special delivery that he would become the proud Dad of 9 Highland Cows!

    Known for their gentle and docile temperament (most of the time), they are often described as friendly and easy to handle. And our herd are just that. Lucky has a special bond with Keith – she was bottle fed for 3 months, and while she lacks stature because of her slow start, she is definitely the most vocal of the hairy herd.

    Why cows you may ask?

    The ethos of Carlowrie is to create a feeling of happiness in everything we do. Cows make us happy and our guests love them – they have even managed to sneak into the odd selfie.

    Working alongside nature provides a sense of well-being to our Carlowrie team and we hope that our guests feel that too.

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