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Archive - June 2023

  • The Isobel Award Winner 2023

    20th June 2023

    We were delighted to present Art in Healthcare, The Isobel Award on 30th May 2023 at Carlowrie Castle.

    Each year we commemorate Isobel through The Isobel Award, now in its fifth year. The aim is to celebrate and support unsung hero’s that work within the community to bring change. Whether an individual or organisation, The Isobel Award represents Isobel’s values, her grit and determination and her deep held faith in community, nature, and human kindness to overcome adversity.

    Art in Healthcare is a charity working across Scotland to improve health and wellbeing for individuals and communities by providing opportunities to experience and engage with high quality visual art, artists and creativity.

    Isobel experienced loss and grief throughout her early life, which affected her mental wellbeing, and it was art, creative writing and nature that helped her recover. We look forward to supporting Art in Healthcare’s ongoing work with hospitals, care homes and community mental wellbeing and drawing on the power of art and creativity to transform lives and nurture human connections. We believe Isobel would approve!

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