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  • Celebrate with our Citardière Crémant

    25th March 2022

    Speaking of tasty treats, here at Carlowrie from May 2022 we’ll be serving sparkling Crémant wine from our vineyard in the Loire Valley, France. The Domaine de la Citardière vineyard became part of the Carlowrie Group in 2020 and is managed by Madame and Monsieur Martin, who have a huge interest in biodiversity and habitat conservation. During the winter, we’ve been pruning back the vines while they are in their dormant phase. This process, known as renewing the vines, ensures that they maintain their strength and vitality, so they can grow flavour-packed grapes. The vineyard produces red, white and rosé wines and two sparkling Crémant wines.

    The Citardière Crémant we’re currently serving has delicious summery notes, and is the perfect sparkling drink to toast a special event.

    The guest houses at Domaine de la Citardière vineyardour sleeps 14-person plus staff and will be finished by end of 2023. So, if you’re dreaming of a relaxing escape with sweeping vineyard views, please keep an eye on our website and Instagram for updates.

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