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Archive - September 2018

  • Carlowrie Castle. Saving the planet, one tree at a time!

    02nd September 2018

    The Carlowrie Estate is being transformed. Our 32 acres will soon be the home of thousands of new trees and plants as we embark on an ambitious carbon offsetting program.

    The plan will enrich the estate with a diverse wealth of tree stock including statement trees such as Monkey Puzzle Trees and Birches, more formal trees such as bay and olive, and enchanting soft fruit trees. Smaller and more manicured varieties of tree will be planted closer to the castle building.

    The trees will not only serve an important environmental purpose but also an aesthetic and edible one too. Soon you will be able to walk up to the front door in a haze of lavender and admire creative topiary in the walled garden. You will also be able to enjoy the (literal) fruits of our labours during your stay, not to mention exceptional photo opportunities in front of our fruit trees, whether they are in delicate blossom or laden with fruit.

    Given that the castle’s former and illustrious owners include a renowned botanist, Isobel Wylie Hutchison, and Robert Hutchison, an expert in arboriculture, this project is a wonderful opportunity to plant for the future while honouring the past.

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