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    26th July 2016

    Carlowrie Castle are consulting with some of the biggest names in UK calisthenics to assist us with designing and building the Carlowrie Castle Calisthenics Park. CCCP will be one of the most technically advanced and largest in Scotland and will be finished and ready to use by the end of 2016

    The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kálos which means “beauty”, and sthénos meaning “strength”. It is the art of using one’s body weight and qualities of inertia as a means to develop one’s physique. A longstanding urban legend has claimed that the exercise was named after one of its earliest promotors, the Greek historian Callisthenes.

    In calisthenics, progress is made by moving onto more challenging movements, not by simply moving to a heavier weight like you would with a weights machine or dumb bell in a conventional gym. The beginner who starts out with a wall push-up or kneeling push-up before progressing to a full push-up can eventually progress all the way to a one-arm pull up and they also learn plenty along the way.

    Watch Frank Medrano one of the worlds best in action

    “I first got into calisthenics when I jumped onto a pull up bar one day and decided to try out a few bodyweight exercises. I loved the feeling I got from pulling myself up. I felt an amazing rush of inner strength that got me hooked onto building my physique through calisthenics ever since” – Frank Medrano

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